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Patient Voice: The Intersection of Real World Data & Natural Language Processing

Dr. Nardin Farid, Strategy Lead, Real World Patient Analytics, Real Life Sciences
Dr. Margaret Bray, Lead Data Scientist, Real World Patient Analytics, Real Life Sciences
Stephen Doogan, Founder, Real Life Sciences

Gaining Novel Insights

Using a categorization model for Social, Emotional, Cognitive, Physical & Functional parameters we amplify the patient voice via Natural Language Processing. By sorting through large amounts of data in ways never before possible we generate novel insights from Patient Outcomes in Real World Data.  Whether you are interested in unlocking the value of your existing data or adding non-traditional sources like noiseless Social Media Data , the power of Natural Language Processing can harness your data in new ways.

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    Novel Insights

    Uncover Previously Undiscovered Insights From Your Real World Data

    Are you interested in how Real Life Sciences powers our RLS Reveal solution with AI (Natural Language Processing) to aggregate and analyze large amounts of Social Media Data to deliver unparalleled novel real world data insights?

    Reach out with any questions that you are looking to answer with your Real World Data. Let us show you how RLS Reveal unlocks the value of your data and generates new insights through non-traditional Real World Data sources like Social Media.

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