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Real Life Sciences leads the industry with its advanced automation, patient privacy and social media epidemiology insights capabilities
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About RLS

Real Life Sciences is built for Life Sciences Organizations that discover and develop innovative pharmaceutical treatments. RLS Reveal and RLS Protect are the most-advanced evidence discovery and disclosure platforms purpose-built for Pharma and CRO businesses.

RLS advances research through the automated structuring of data from disparate sources using Natural Language Processing. Real Life Sciences protects patient identity and confidential information and reveals novel insights using clinical and real world data.

RLS focuses relentlessly on what matters most to Life Sciences organizations.

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Our Leadership

Our team is made up of experienced life sciences industry professionals, technologists and visionaries to bring innovative and novel solutions to Life Sciences organizations. Our team members coalesce around the idea that that advancements in technology can improve patient lives by enabling improved treatments and therapies.

Elliot Zimmerman

Chief Product Officer

Stephen Doogan

Market Strategy & Access Lead

John Lyons

Director, Product Management

Jonathan Nolan

Senior Director, Customer Success

Pari Shah

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We work with leading global life sciences companies, services providers and regulatory organizations.
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Artificial Intelligence. RealNLP.

NLP Is In Our Roots

From the beginning we have built our solutions using the most advanced Natural Language Processing capabilities and we tailor it to Life Sciences business needs. Once integrated and trained, our NLP provides significant time savings, eliminates unnecessary manual effort and allows you to better focus on performing your primary responsibilities more effectively.

To train the most effective NLP models is not an off-the-shelf capability, it is very domain specific. NLP needs to complete extensive training (at scale) to be useful - success depends on fusing automation to structure and process large amounts of data and deliver novel insights.

RLS Protect and RLS Reveal are each built on three pillars with Natural Language Processing at their core:

RLS Protect
-Patient Protection
-Data Utility

RLS Reveal
-Patient Outcomes
-Social Media Data Noise Elimination
-Novel Insights To Identify Unmet Patient Need