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transparency project management solutions suite.

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RLS Protect accelerates the classification and redaction of personal data and Confidential Information while simultaneously improving quality. Used to redact thousands of documents containing over 1,000,000 pages, RLS Protect is 25-50% faster than standard redaction tools such as Adobe.
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Features & Functionality

Search and Classify Personal Data (PD)

Systematic classification of personal data variables such as but not limited to patient IDs, age, gender and race.
Hundreds of predefined searches for data automatic classification of names, dates, email addresses, phone numbers and more.

Search and Mark Commercially Confidential Information (CCI)

Save, search and classify CCI within your clinical documents. CCI justification notes captured by user and exported to reports for Justification Table.


Multiple reports available for quality control review of document marks/annotations. Audit reporting - original syntax, revised syntax, category, user and notes.

Avoid penalties and regulator abominations;
support company sharing policies

Compliance with Disclosure Regulations

  • HC PRCI, EMA Policy 0070, EMA CTR/CTIS
  • Internal and external sharing
  • Systematically change markstyle requirements from Health Canada to EMA and vice versa

Marks Report

Automated “Marks Report” for CCI/CBI Justification and QC

  • System Generated for one or multiple documents simultaneously
  • View CCI redaction justifications at a glance
  • Used to QC document redactions
  • Serves as complete audit history of the document markings and changes including capture of as filename, identifier type, page number and mark sequence of each  redaction

End to End

Clinical Transparency Project Management

  • Project Templates to accelerate setup of your specific project plans
  • Assignment of resources to tasks
  • In-app collaboration & messaging
  • Capture custom fields for tracking project work
  • Alerts & notifications
  • Project reporting.
  • Integrated file management & storage

RLS Solves for both Sponsors & CROs

CROs Use RLS Protect for Transparency Projects

RLS Protect Transparency Solutions Suite allows CRO teams to seamlessly share projects internally and externally for expedited input and completion.
Harness the power of cutting edge transparency technology to meet regulatory deadlines.
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Our team is made up of passionate leaders in the fields of machine learning, natural language processing, clinical trials, data analysis and regulatory submissions. We help Pharmaceutical Sponsors and CROs focus on their primary business goals while protecting patient identity and company confidential information while maximizing data utility and adhering to regulatory requirements.
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