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Improving the Patient Journey: Leveraging Novel Social Media Data To Gain Insights into Patient and Caregiver Reported Outcomes

Dr. Nardin Farid, Strategy Lead, Real World Patient Analytics, Real Life Sciences
Stephen Doogan, Founder, Real Life Sciences

Gaining Novel Insights

By examining traditional (e.g. patient reported outcomes) and non-traditional (e.g. social media) approaches to collecting patient insights that were mapped into a framework known as SPEC-F and modeled around Development Decision Points (DDPs) and milestones. Several approaches are highlighted based on the relative prevalence of clinical, economic, functional, behavioral and perceptional data and the efficiency for insight generation. Published retrospective analysis were conducted across 17 case studies from early-development, peri-launch and post-market programs and the impact of traditional and non-traditional approaches on patient access. Read Full Webinar Transcript Here

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    Novel Insights

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