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January 2022 Webinar: Manage "Practical Strategies for Successfully Navigating Your Health Canada PRCI Regulatory Disclosure Projects"

Get your organization ready for disclosure projects in 2022 as Health Canada expects quantitative methodologies in support of Clinical Trial Disclosure submissions. Quantitative modeling and justification is a clear expectation of Health Canada and a well planned and proactive approach will save you time and money.

This 45 minute Live webinar is free to attend and features Real Life Sciences CEO Elliot Zimmerman and Real Life Sciences Health Canada Liaison Ahmed Eldafrawy. You will learn what regulators expect from your submission projects and how to avoid surprises and delays.

Register Here (Registration is Free): https://rlsciences.zoom.us/webinar/register

Date: Thursday, January 27th, 2022

Time: 10am EST

Duration: 45 Minutes



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