Real Life Sciences (RLS) is a company that pairs Clinical Scientists with Software Researchers to solve Unstructured Data Management and Analytics Challenges within Life Sciences.  


We offer both software-as-a-service technologies, as well as operational services and support around our platforms.

Services we offer include:

  • Clinical
    • Clinical Trial Redaction and Anonymization
    • Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Assessments
    • Clinical Trial Document Management
    • Process and Workflow Automation
    • Regulatory Information Guidance
    • Medical Writing
  • Medical Affairs
    • Real World Evidence Analytics
    • Off-label use detection and analytics
    • Functional Classification and Analysis
  • Pharmacovigilance
    • Workflow Changes around Pharmacovigilance Automation
    • Case Record Management Indexing, Classification, and Clustering
    • Automated Adverse Event Detection and Classification
    • Published Literature Review and Automation
    • Social Media Monitoring

Our team comprises experts in the fields of machine learning, natural language processing, clinical trials, and product development that bring a wealth of experience in software development and implementation within most of the major global pharmaceutical companies.

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We work with leading global life sciences companies, services providers and regulatory organisations  


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