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Using Natural Language Processing to Understand the Impact of Disease on Patients & Caregivers

  1. Natural Language Processing and The Influential Role of Social Media to understand the disease burden.

a. NLP uses and applications as applied to healthcare and sponsors.

Although human languages follow specific structures and patterns, they pose challenges for machines. With the advent of artificial intelligence (AI), machines can process human languages. Natural language processing (NLP) is the branch of AI that enables machines to read, comprehend, and work with human languages. At present, machines can interpret and work with spoken language or written text. This makes NLP well-suited for solving various problems related to big data in the healthcare domain.           

NLP in healthcare for cost reduction

NLP applications can help in performing various repetitive tasks that may otherwise require trained personnel. For instance, in hospital settings, NLP can be employed for information extraction and document categorization. Accountable care organizations can use NLP to improve the patient journey. Chatbots can provide information whenever requested by the patient and thus reduce the anxiety about hospital visits or medical procedures. This also allows patients to plan other aspects of their life such as caregiver schedules, which ultimately creates a positive patient experience. NLP can also be utilized to study social media posts for understanding patient journeys.     

Clinical applications

Manual reviews of medical records are time-consuming....

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