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Social Media Epidemiology: Amplifying the Patient Voice to Gain Critical Insight into the Patient Journey

Generate novel real-world insights with Social Media Epidemiology. Identify unmet needs and uncover key points on the patient journey to improve lives.
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Gain Novel Insights

Harness The Power of Social Media Epidemiology

Disease specific social media data combined with leading technology creates clean, structured and organized information from which you can make critical decisions. This information amplifies the voice of the patient, the caregiver and the health care practitioner.

Real World Data & Evidence

Population Metrics
and Characteristics

RLS Reveal provides you with insights from the patient perspective, considering real-world obstacles that impact the patient experience for a given disease state. 

This includes:

  • Anonymized Patient Profiles
  • Demographic Segmentations
  • Location Mapping and Geographic Profiling
  • Patient Subtyping and Stratification
  • Comorbidities
  • Concomitant Treatments

Better Understand Disease Burden

Disease and
Lifestyle Outcomes

RLS Reveal's novel SPEC-F Framework identifies disease factors impacting patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers. The SPEC-F framework categorizes all of the reported impairments and structures social media narratives in a user friendly view that enables you to make decisions.

SPECF Symptom and Impairment Modeling:

  • Social
  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Cognitive
  • Functional

Efficacy & Adoption Insights

Treatment Outcomes

RLS Reveal provides a clear view of how patients, caregivers and healthcare providers are feeling about the therapeutic options available to them. Reveal's models find key insights on specific drugs of interest.

The solution provides meaningful insights and detailed findings such as:

  • Treatment Efficacy and Tolerability Modeling
  • Treatment Adoption, Attrition, and Switching
  • Adverse Event Monitoring and Signal Detection

New HCP Feedback

Healthcare Outcomes

RLS Reveal evaluates the healthcare providers' perspectives to create a view of the patient journey.

Healthcare outcomes include:

  • HCP and Care Team Mapping and Modeling
  • HCP Perception, Experience and Decision Modeling

Understanding Unfiltered Experiences, Perceptions, and Decisions Across the Patient Journey

Why RLS Reveal?

Aggregating and analyzing new sources of real world data is becoming increasingly important. Social media data represents a massive new opportunity to gain insight into the patient journey. However, aggregating, structing and categorizing large amounts of social media data is complex. Enter RLS Reveal powered by RealNLP. By leveraging the insights gains from RLS Reveal you will gain:
  • Evidence generation, strategy, and design
  • Refined HCP, payer and patient engagement strategies
  • Shortlists of novel PRO endpoints
  • Increase the breadth of data sources available to you
  • Dig deeper into patient journey for specific diseases and treatments

Let us show you how RLS Reveal can help you

Real World Data. Real World Evidence.

We work with leading global life sciences companies, services providers and regulatory organizations.
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Metrics Driven Data Utility Optimization

What is SPEC-F?

SPEC-F is a proprietary analytical framework developed by Real Life Sciences designed to categorize functional impairments and symptoms from unstructured patient, caregiver, and health care provider narratives.  These classifications include Social, Physical, Emotional, Cognitive and Functional categories. The SPEC-F framework is built on curated taxonomies that are used to codify and structure patient and stakeholder narratives. This a priori classification provides a mechanism to:
  • Assess the suitability and identify deficits of existing clinical outcome assessment instruments
  • Standardize, combine and compare disparate sources of solicited and unsolicited self-reported data
  • Generate new hypotheses and/or corroborate existing evidence into disease functioning and symptomatology

We're With You Every Step of The Way

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Our team is made up of passionate leaders in the fields of machine learning, natural language processing, clinical trials, data analysis and regulatory submissions. We help Pharmaceutical Sponsors and CROs focus on your primary business goals while protecting patient identity and company confidential information while maximizing data utility and adhering to regulatory requirements.
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Published Work

Clinical Trail Transparency and Disclosure Regulations

The insights provided by RLS Reveal have contributed to dozens of articles and publications in scientific journals, working groups, industry organizations and academic communities.
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Dementia Care and Psychosocial Factors

Evaluation of patient burden using online social media in mild cognitive impairment Dementia care research (research projects; nonpharmacological) / Assessment...

Using Self-Reported Patient Experiences to Understand Patient Burden: Learnings from Digital Patient Communities in Ankylosing Spondylitis

ABSTRACT NUMBER: 1426 Prashanth Sunkureddi1, Dawn Gibson2, Stephen Doogan3, John Heid4, Samir Benosman5 and Yujin Park6, 1Rheumatology, Clear Lake Rheumatology Center, Nassau...


Harnessing large amounts of social media data can be challenging. Many cutting edge Pharma and CRO teams have used RLS Reveal to embark on new and innovative methodologies to amplify the patient voice. Below are FAQs many of our customers have asked along the way to generating novel insights using advanced RealNLP.

Real Life Sciences worked with a variety of persona's previously to answer a wide variety of questions for them. Examples include but are not limited to discovery and development, clinical operations, outcomes research, pharmacovigilance, medical affairs, market research and market access.

We use patient forums and any non password protected sites. This includes: - General social media (for example: twitter, reddit) - General health forums - General health social networks - Treatment review websites

When it comes to real world social media data solutions, all are not created the same. Social media listening is commonly used but comes up short. The key is to have the best data and this doesn’t cut it. RLS Reveal is not only able to "listen" to what is happening on social media, but we are able to structure all of these key opinions and produce outputs that can be actionable for your team.

Real Life Sciences also specializes in clinical trial disclosure and transparency. Our solution RLS Protect anonymizes trial participant data. We use this same technology to protect sensitive information in Social Media Posts

Our Natural Language processing has been trained for over 6 years. Utilizing machine learning and AI to continually improve - Noise elimination for clean accurate data - Identification of patient journey trends, perceptions and behaviors - And the use of purpose built insights driving better outcomes.

Using RLS Reveal organizations have be able to:
- Uncover antihistamines as a treatment for bone pain side effects in cancer patients leading to antihistamine’s becoming a standard of care.
- We helped identify the number of diabetic patients splitting insulin doses discovering over $35M in lost revenues guiding our sponsor to make strategic changes to combat losses.
- We uncovered anxiety among other emotional unmet needs facing Alzheimer’s patients leading to improved screening tools and diagnostics that more accurately cover patients needs.

RLS Reveal's outputs are purpose built and specific to you! You ask us your key questions and we will address them and give you valuable and applicable insights.

RLS Reveal was created to amplify the patient voice. We are passionate about improve the quality of patient lives, enabling medications to truly address patient needs, and enabling the patient journey to guide drug development. By helping uncover what patients are saying we learn more about what they are struggling with, appreciating, and questioning. Being able to bring drug development back to the patient is extremely powerful in having medications that impact patient lives for the better.