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Practical Strategies for Successfully Navigating Your Health Canada PRCI Regulatory Disclosure Projects


Elliot Zimmerman, CEO Real LIfe Sciences
Ahmed Eladafrawy, Implementation Specialist & Health Canade Liason, Real Life Sciences

Stay Ahead of The Curve

Get your organization ready for disclosure projects as Health Canada progressively expects quantitative methodologies in support of Clinical Trial Disclosure submissions. Quantitative modeling and justification is a clear expectation of Health Canada and a well planned and proactive approach will save you time and money.

Meet Regulatory Demand

Cutting Edge Data Anonymization &
High Speed Redaction.

Are you interested in staying ahead of the increased Anonymization requirements for Health Canada PRCI & EMA? Do you want to learn more about new regulations or the changing expectations from Regulatory Bodies? We are committed to informing the Clinical Trial Disclosure & Transparency community. We educate & partner to advance participant privacy and data sharing. Please reach out with any questions you may have or to schedule a brief 15 or 30 minute chat to discuss moving you forward faster.

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