Why Choose Real Life Sciences For Transparency & Disclosure?

You have questions.  Should I tackle my Clinical Transparency & Disclosure needs in-house or engage with a vendor? Are there reliable vendors out there & can they meet my timelines?   I am not clear on all the regulations; can I find reliable help? My resources are limited.  What can I do?
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Not All Transparency Providers Are Created Equal

Where Are Your Transparency Dollars Going?

Real Life Sciences (RLS) is entirely focused on clinical transparency software and services to help you deliver on-time and on-quality. Unlike other providers, our focus is narrow and deep in the areas of advanced quantitative risk assessments, document anonymization and the regulatory experience needed to deliver submissions and voluntary sharing projects. Further, our customer’s investment into our services is directed back into enhancement of our products, services and support to make sure we continue to bring the leading edge capabilities forward.

RLS Protect or RLS Anonymization Services

We Can Provide Anonymization Technology and Services or We Can Show You How.

RLS is the only anonymization provider that can provide you software solutions for both advanced quantitative risk assessments and document anonymization & redaction. RLS can complete your transparency projects for you, but you always have the option to bring your projects in-house by utilizing RLS’ proven technology platform, RLS Protect. RLS Protect is purpose-built for clinical anonymization. No other provider can offer you a full self-service solution, with the option to transition.

Experience Matters

Are You Working With The Industry Leader?

RLS has been continually chosen above other service providers as a result of our subject matter expertise, regulatory knowledge and leading technology capabilities. Real Life Sciences has helped Transparency & Disclosure teams, Medical Writing and Biostats groups fully embrace the current regulatory landscape while developing or improving their process to save time and resource. From small to large Pharma and CRO's, RLS has been referred to by others across the spectrum especially when time is of the essence.

Proof Points

-First provider to complete .05% risk threshold for rare-disease Health Canada PRCI submission

-Over 1 million clinical document pages and 2,000 datasets processed

-Security matters - ISO 27001 certified

Cutting Edge Anonymization Technology

RLS Protect Delivers Excellence For You

Real Life Sciences Protect is the industry leading solution to automate advanced quantitative risk modeling, document redaction and anonymization process for your organization. With over 1 million pages and thousands of datasets processed successfully, RLS Protect is purpose-built for pharmaceutical Sponsors and CROs to support the growing demands of regulatory bodies, changes in regulations and increased volumes from voluntary sharing requests.
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