Advancing Anonymization For Clinical Trial Disclosure.

Real Life Sciences (RLS) protects Personal & Confidential Information utilizing advanced anonymization techniques. Anonymized data allows you to share clinical data and documents with Health Authorities, partners, internal teams and publications with confidence.
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RLS enables pharmaceutical manufacturers to submit anonymized and redacted clinical data and documents to Health Authorities and disclose trial results with confidence. Navigating the regulatory guidance, requirements and timelines of the various global regulations and policies can be challenging. RLS’ purpose built technology, RLS Protect, combined with its expert global Services team will provide the support and experience you need to be successful.

Anonymization Is Not One Size Fits All

The individual characteristics of your project will have a direct impact on selecting the most appropriate anonymization strategy. For example, a regulatory submission project requiring anonymized personal data such as EMA’s Policy 0070 and Health Canada PRCI are best suited for a quantitative risk-based anonymization strategy. Here, the resulting risk of re identification and data utility can be measured, giving you and the Health Authority confidence in the result. When limited patient level data is applicable, a qualitative or rules based anonymization strategy may be appropriate.

Whether you are planning a regulatory disclosure project, preparing CTR documents for publication or anonymizing a trial dataset for voluntary sharing, RLS will help you determine the most suitable strategy for your project, with consideration of potential downstream re-use of the data for other use cases.

Document & Data Anonymization & Redaction

RLS PROTECT is the leading data and document anonymization and redaction solution designed specifically for Sponsors and CROs who comply with transparency requirements for regulatory bodies and voluntary sharing initiatives. RLS PROTECT offers the most advanced quantitative risk modeling, document anonymization and redaction capabilities enabling your organization to scale and support the increasing demands of Health Canada PRCI, EMA Policy 0070, EMA (EU) 536/2014, FDA as well as data sharing partners supporting secondary research.

Visit our European Medicines Agency (EMA) CTR & CTIS Pages:

European Medicines Agency (EMA) Clinical Trial Regulation (CTR) Overview
European Medicines Agency (EMA) Clinical Trials Information System (CTIS) Overview

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Real Life Sciences offers industry leading software-as-a-service technology and operational Anonymization Services to achieve your business needs. Our Anonymization Services team, made up of full-time staff, uses our proprietary tech and a proven methodology every day to deliver anonymization and redaction projects on-time and on-quality for Sponsors and CROs. RLS offers flexible engagement models to align with your priorities and specific needs.
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Our solutions and services are held to the highest performance and security standards. We are regulator tested , sponsor approved and data secure.
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