Advancing Anonymization For Clinical Trial Disclosure. Revolutionizing Real World Data Insight Generation.

We protect Personal & CCI (CBI) Information utilizing advanced anonymization techniques.  We enable patient-centric evidence discovery to optimize healthcare outcomes.  Protecting patients while amplifying their voice is at the core of what we do.
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NLP Powered Solutions for Pharma & CRO's

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Borne from purpose-built advanced Artificial Intelligence for the Pharmaceutical industry, RLS brings patient centricity to the forefront by amplifying the patient voice with Social Media Epidemiology insights and providing the industry's leading clinical disclosure and anonymization solution.

Document & Data Anonymization

PROTECT is the leading data and document redaction and anonymization solution designed specifically for Sponsors and CROs who comply with disclosure and transparency requirements for regulatory bodies and voluntary sharing initiatives. PROTECT offers the most advanced quantitative risk modeling, document anonymization and redaction capabilities enabling your organization to scale and support the increasing demands of Health Canada PRCI, EMA Policy 0070, EMA (EU) 536/2014 as well as data sharing partners.

Visit our European Medicines Agency (EMA) CTR & CTIS Pages:

European Medicines Agency (EMA) Clinical Trial Regulation (CTR) Overview

European Medicines Agency (EMA) Clinical Trials Information System (CTIS) Overview

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Real World Data & Evidence

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Gain insights into unmet patient needs and identify gaps in care with Real World Data. REVEAL aggregates, categorizes and visualizes unstructured social media RWD and applies industry leading Natural Language Processing to present a more comprehensive view of a disease state and the associated patient burden.
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Real Life Sciences offers industry leading software-as-a-service technology and operational Anonymization Services to achieve your business objectives. Our Anonymization Services team, made up of industry veterans, uses our tech and a defined methodology on a daily basis to deliver results for Sponsors and CROs. RLS offers multiple engagement models to align with your priorities and specific needs.
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We work with leading global life sciences companies, industry consortiums, service providers and regulatory organizations.

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Accurate, Efficient and Secure.

Our solutions and services are held to the highest performance and security standards. We are regulator tested , sponsor approved and data secure.
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Stay informed on the latest real world data and evidence trends or keep up to date on the latest regulatory changes from Health Canada and EMA to stay ahead.
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